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The Board or Management Committee 

The Board, or Management Committee, meets on a monthly basis to discuss and vote on various issues in the administration of the congregation, ranging from Human Resources issues like professional clergy and staff management to vendor management (e.g. lease of office spaces, schoolrooms, event halls), as well as strategies and tactics for growth in membership, assets, programming, and staff.

The Board empowers various key members of lay leadership to help with various functions under a team structure of Committees. As we are lay-led, all contributions are appreciated from ad-hoc to committee leadership. If you would like to see volunteering opportunities please click this link

If you would like to learn more about these committees or connect with the Management Committee please contact

These are the committees or teams supporting various functions:

  • Adult Education
  • Security
  • Membership
  • Tikun Olam
  • Financial Oversight
  • UHC Sunday School
  • IT/Data Management and Security 
  • Constitutional and SOP Review
  • Fundraising 
  • Shabbat and Festivals
  • Gabbai 
  • Music
  • Social
  • Marketing and Communications


Governance Documents

UHC Constitution





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