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Greetings from the UHC President

Shalom and welcome to our website!

The UHC is proud to be thriving and full of vibrant energy, 24 years after it was founded and at the brink of its jubilee year. In January 2015 we welcomed our first ever resident rabbi – Rabbi Nathan Alfred who is helping to lead the UHC to have an even stronger sense of identity and fulfill the many needs of our ever growing community.

Rabbi Lennard Thal Senior vice president of  the UPJ from New York, was our dedicated visiting rabbi for 20 years and now will happily continue to be our Rabbi Emeritus.

The United Hebrew Congregation (Singapore) was founded in 1992 by a few dedicated Diaspora Jews who wanted to get together to pray and celebrate Jewish life. That was the beginning of our wonderful inclusive community here in Singapore, where a lot of us are far from home. It all started in each other’s homes and it still hasn’t changed that much – we continue to be a volunteer based community and members still graciously open their homes where we hold holiday, educational and social events, as well as a monthly Shabbat Minyan. Shabbat Services are a monthly occurrence and together with the High Holy Days and Passover, are held at the same venue. For now we are still a ‘Synagogue without walls’, making our sense of mitzvah and unity even stronger. We are a community of 140 households – many families (including mixed faith couples and Jews by choice), couples with or without children, newlyweds, singles, young professionals, and empty nesters.

Our UHC membership is inevitably made up of a great variety of Nationalities and traditions. Countries among which we represent are,  Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, South Africa, South America, Singapore, UK and the USA and a few more… We truly embrace each of our diverse backgrounds – this is the fabric of the UHC. The UHC is also made up of members who come from Reform, Conservative, Progressive and Reconstructionist backgrounds and therefore, even though we are affiliated with The World Union for Progressive Judaism, we have always tried to accommodate the wide variety of observances and rituals of our members. We worship in an egalitarian way and our services are both in Hebrew and English.

We welcome all who have just arrived in Singapore, or have been here for some time, or who are only staying for a short period of time, to join our community where you can truly get involved, participate and celebrate your ‘Jewishness’,  We very much look forward to meeting you. The UHC is your Jewish ‘home from home’, and we want you to come and feel included, and share your experiences and help us continue to grow as a community.

On behalf of myself and the UHC board members, we hope to see you soon!

With warm regards

Stefanie Green

UHC President

Thu, April 26 2018 11 Iyar 5778