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Chag Sameach from the UHC

Wishing you a wonderful Pesach, celebrated with friends and family and filled with matzah!

FY23 has been an exciting year with a lot going on for our small but dynamic community. We are looking forward to celebrating second night Seder with everyone – don’t forget to sign up before it closes on 26 March 2023. (Link)

In order to achieve these types of events we do rely on the support of the community.

FY23 has been a difficult year financially for many people – our community included.

This has left us with a gap between the costs associated with running the UHC and our membership income. As part of our fundraising efforts going forward we are looking for new funding streams outside the community, however these are long term strategies. In order to close out the financial year in the red and start next year strongly we are running a Pesach Appeal to ensure that we have the funds to continue to run our community events.

We rely on your support to continue running the Progressive Jewish Community in Singapore. If you are in a position to support us for this appeal it would be greatly appreciated.


3 Things we bet you didn't know about Pesach

1.    What is the most unique ingredient in Charoset? 
In Ashkenazi tradition, it is made from crushed nuts, apples and sweet red wine, while Sephardi Jews use figs or dates. But the tiny Jewish community of Gibraltar  takes the brick symbolism to another level, using the dust of actual bricks in their recipe.

2.     Where is the largest seder in the world held?
Going on for more than 30 years and hosting over 1000 people, the Kathmandu Seder was started in 1989 by the Israeli ambassador to Nepal.  

3.      Israel sells ALL its chametz
Not only is chametz to be kept out of sight, but it actually needs to be sold for the duration of Passover. The State of Israel does exactly the same, only the things it sells for the week include whole factories, bakeries, kitchens and storerooms. These all traditionally go to an Arab Israeli citizen. For the last 20 years, the lucky buyer has been Hussein Jaber, who ceremonially buys everything from the finance minister and the chief rabbis for a huge sum before annulling the deal a week later. 


Wed, 31 May 2023 11 Sivan 5783