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Rabbi Emeritus L. Thal

When I was invited to officiate at High Holy Day services for the UHC in 1993, I had never been to Asia and, in candor, had to check the atlas to see where Singapore was located! Linda and I thought it would be a one-time interesting experience – well it WAS interesting and (to our delight) it was NOT a one-time event!

As I reflect back on the 21 years I served as Visiting Rabbi, I think of the truly wonderful friendships that were created, the privilege of officiating at life-cycle occasions of past and present UHC members and the satisfaction in seeing the community grow to the point where it became obvious to me that it was time for the UHC to search for and retain the services of an in-residence, full-time rabbi. In that regard, now that I have met Rabbi Nathan Alfred when he visited New York City this past June, I have every confidence that both the community and Rabbi Alfred can anticipate a mutually fulfilling future, one of significant growth for congregation and rabbi alike.

Linda joins me in sending our warmest regards to a truly wonderful community and we hope that the Jewish calendar year 5775 proves to be one of good health and much happiness for all.

Rabbi Lennard (Lenny) Thal


Sat, 18 May 2024 10 Iyar 5784