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UHC Singapore High-Holidays 2021

Dear UHC Singapore family,

We are very pleased to announce that with the change in Singapore COVID-19  regulations, we can now increase our High Holiday services capacity to one hundred  and fifty (150) in-person worshippers. This will bring us back to near pre-COVID-19  numbers, allow us to open registration to our usual, first-come-first-served process  and we hope, bring great relief to those who have so desperately missed our large  community gatherings.

We are excited to begin the year 5782 by bringing our  community together. Our Torah portion on Yom Kippur morning opens with the words,  “You stand this day, all of you!” - the rabbis, the gabbai team, and the Management   Committee are all so eager to be standing, together, with all of our community.

 A link to the registration page is below. There are however some logistics that will need   to be managed:

Room Configuration – three (3) groups of fifty (50) worshipers

 In order to comply with regulations, as per the above image, we will be splitting   worshippers into three (3) groups of fifty (50). 

 Post registration, you will receive details regarding your seating. We will endeavor to   keep families together but please note:

  •  There can be no mingling before, during or after services.
  •  Instructions will be provided regarding which entrance/exit you must utilize, to get to   your seats. You and your family members may not cross any physical barriers or enter   any zone other than the one assigned to you.
  •  Seats will all be appropriately socially distanced and cannot be moved together.
  •  Please ensure that masks are worn throughout the service.
  •  Congregation worshipers cannot sing during services.
  •  Prayer books (Machzorim) can be collected when you arrive for services and must be   returned to the collection point, after services.

Vaccination Requirements

 All worshippers aged thirteen (13) and above, will need to be fully vaccinated, in order   to attend services. You will be required to share your vaccination record when you   register, for each applicable worshipper. Additionally, you may be required to show   your vaccination status via the “TraceTogether”app, when you arrive at the venue.   Please DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR MOBILE PHONES OR PRINTED   VACCINATION DOCUMENTATION with you for High Holiday services.

 Your vaccination record can be easily attained via Health Hub. You can download a   PDF document via your computer or via the TraceTogether app. Here are the steps to   download your record.

 Please note that for Singapore residents, only official vaccination records that are   logged with the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) are recognised. If you have been   vaccinated outside of Singapore. Please be sure to have your Singapore record   updated. Details can be found here: 

 We apologise but due to regulations, worshippers   aged thirteen (13) and above, who   are not fully vaccinated, will not be permitted to attend High Holiday services in-person. They are welcome to join via Zoom (see below).

Children Twelve (12) Years and Under

 Children twelve (12) years and under, are permitted to attend High Holiday services   without being vaccinated. However, regulations allow a maximum of twenty percent   (20%) of the service to be within this age group. This means that we will cap (on a first-   come-first-served basis) the number of children at any service at thirty (30). 

 Please note that there will be no in-person children’s services or babysitting during   High Holiday services this year.  We will instead offer a Zoom program, during the   Torah Service, on both the mornings of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

 Please select the option for Children’s Zoom Services when you register, to receive the   Zoom links.


 We hope that you will opt to join us in-person, for some or all of our High Holiday   services. However, for those that cannot or choose not to do so, we will offer a Zoom   streaming service.

 To receive Zoom links, please select the Zoom Service option when you register. Links   will be sent to you closer to the applicable date of the service.

 Please note that Mahzorim will not be available for collection this year as they will be   required for in-person services. The registration page and our High Holiday resource   page will include a link to the digital version of the Mahzor.

Attendance at High Holiday Services is a Privilege of UHC Membership

 Please be reminded that in-person attendance at High Holiday services is a privilege   of UHC Singapore congregational membership. This means that only current, paid-up   members and their families may register to attend, in-person.

 If you are currently a prospective member please be sure to complete your   membership, so that you may attend High Holiday services.

 If you have not yet renewed your membership, please do so as soon as possible, so   that you may attend.

 If you are a past UHC member and wish to attend in-person services, you may either   renew your membership or, for a nominal fee, attend Zoom services.

 Please note that we will never turn away members and financial assistance is   available.  Please contact our treasurer at to discuss assistance.

 Others living in Singapore or abroad, that are not current members of UHC Singapore   and are unable or unwilling to join the UHC as a member, may also register to join   Zoom services, for a nominal fee.


 Please ensure that when you register, you include:

  • Your information and vaccination record.
  •  All applicable family members and their vaccination records.
  •  All house guests (as per the above attendance stipulations) and their vaccination records.
  •  All children, including their ages (please be reminded that children ages thirteen (13) and above are required to be fully vaccinated to attend services.

UHC Singapore High Holiday 2021 Programming Schedule 

Date Time Service/Program Description
Tuesday 17th August 8.00pm Elul preparation sessions Preparing for the High Holidays - Adult ed evening class with Rabbi Beni
Tuesday 24th August 8.00pm Elul preparation sessions  Preparing for the High Holidays - Adult ed evening class with Rabbi Miriam
Sunday 29th August 4.00pm Rosh Hashanah Table Baking Sweet Delights for the High Holidays – Challah, Honey Cake and Cocktails
Monday 6th September  6:30pm Erev Rosh Hashanah  First night of Rosh Hashanah services hosted by Rabbi Miriam and Rabbi Beni and Cantor Faith
Tuesday 7th September 9:30am Rosh Hashanah Morning via zoom and in-person First day of Rosh Hashanah services hosted by Rabbi Miriam and Rabbi Beni with cantorial assistance from Faith Steinsnyder
Tuesday 7th September 11.00am Rosh Hashanah Morning Children’s Service  Children’s service hosted by Rabbi Miriam
Tuesday 7th September Afternoon- self arranged Tashlich  Personal Tashlich service curated with recording and material by Rabbi Beni (material will be available on ShulCloud)
Friday 10th September 6:30pm Erev Shabbat Shuva Service via zoom Intermediate Kabbalat Shabbat hosted by Rabbi Miriam or Rabbi Beni
Wednesday 15th September 6:30pm Kol Nidre Service Kol Nidre Services hosted by Rabbi Miriam and Rabbi Beni and Cantor Faith
Thursday 16th September 9:30am Yom Kippur Morning Service Yom Kippur Morning and Yizkor hosted by Rabbi Miriam, Rabbi Beni and Cantor Faith Steinsnyder
Thursday 16th September 11.00am Yom Kippur Morning Children’s Service  Children’s service hosted by Rabbi Beni
Thursday 16th September 3:00pm Yom Kippur Children's Afternoon program A story time and yoga session for all kids aged 3 to 12
Thursday 16th September 4:00pm Yom Kippur Afternoon Program  My Jewish Journey 
Thursday 16th September 5:00pm Yom Kippur Afternoon Service Mincha service hosted by the Rabbis & Gabbai team
Thursday 16th September 6.30pm Yom Kippur Neilah Service  Neilah service hosted by Rabbi Miriam and Rabbi Beni and Cantor Faith

For members, please click here for Rosh Hashanah service registration and click here for Yom Kippur service registration.

For non members, please click here for High Holidays registration.

HHD Resource Page can be found here.

Wed, 25 May 2022 24 Iyar 5782